a loft of the absolute top class


A private client asked us again about exciting task for architects to plan a life world in a classic industrial walls and implement.

At this point we can draw from our own living experience and created a true feeling of "Loft". In principle, the conservation of the ceiling height, the generosity of the area and especially the attention to detail was important.

A loft should not be a return to the conservative base cracks about founding a temporal reorganization, but leave the room as possible to experience. Often then boxes or "boxes" in current and unsustainable colors are placed in the room. That's what we have not done, however, provided us with the task in generous space preservation as not to let the private zones considered. "Float" glass walls here on pedestals. The caps are also not reached the ceiling of the room dividing walls, but connected in glass bends the light to give free rein to 

A loft is free lifestyle, and avant-garde trend. Housing has been given a different and new formulation today. You no longer boiling with in a kitchen for a large family and several generations and weeks, but often makes the international light cuisine in the common living space for convivial living experience. Even a bath in the tub can be very open and communicative to the spatial experience. Enough floor to ceiling doors open from 4-multi wall sheets in the remote center of rotation, all rooms can work together again open and closed but, they act as comparable conventional door elements, however, are flooded with light through the translucency and the special materiality itself in the huge opening height is not heavy and overwhelming. 

Another interesting but absolutely worth preserving and theme in a loft is the room height. If one enters a high room, you usually will not notice it. It acts on the basis of the unusual height relative dimensions and disoriented. Finally, in order as much as possible already read when entering the room, we opted for a very distinctive but also very unusual ceiling derivation ... the crocodile hanging from the ceiling! It immediately draws the eye to the ceiling and sliding down the look on the long and unique lofts and only reserved space axis. In our view, the most significant experience of space! 

Similarly, a church, we developed the "aisles" which reveal themselves immediately, as soon as one goes a few steps into the room. Let the impressive space length immediately after the next important dimension - width experience. Even if the corners of the large Loft room carry the intimate space features, but the loft is felt and understood in its full size. The curiosity about hidden rises and want to experience the resulting floating behind the walls feeling of space. And the daily and always never get bored in this plan. It is never too tight. It is never too dark or too oppressive. Timeless architecture. The strong symmetric clarity conveyed subconsciously sustainable value. Despite an initially extremely avant-garde look.

Highest quality design classics such as the furniture of USM Haller and Vitra contrast with polished rustic concrete floor surfaces, sandblasted or brushed walls, which are covered with a light permeable glaze and consolidate the old but beautiful shine and color structures, enhance and make the material experience.

The kitchen with wet bar and open kitchen island is the central figure of the room. Specially designed for the sophisticated building owners, who enjoys cooking passionately. Technical perfection and aesthetic material, built in the subject area of  maritime freedom in perfection. Inspired by this highlight the architectural and technical perfection, we designed the bar and kitchen into a dynamic, maritime-influenced, exhibit-like island experience that the strong symmetric space artwork in violence centered, concentrated design, counter throws. Replaced by any trend of kitchen fitters, this functional sculpture in space, many years will remain unique selling point of the loft. 

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