Zurich, Swiss Lightness airport,


Zurich, Swiss Lightness airport, 11/2007

Switzerland will be present at ease, light, color and openness.
Swiss Lightness is a space-light sculpture, expression of dynamism and flexibility, which contains all the necessary elements and parameters for orientation and way finding.

It gives the individual, highly structured open space a spatial and functional relationship and represents swiss ness in one, through their straightforwardness and functionality, very precise, yet harmonious and expressive form.

Swiss Lightness is beyond the ordinary open space design approach guidance system in the area and in the third dimension with clear color mapping for each functional area of the airport. The light sculpture combines day and night all existing and future open space elements such as canopies, transitions, furniture, road markings and lighting.

It is a very light, playful open space element, which can be easily extended with its simple design and shape adapted to future changes and needs.
The brilliant Swiss cross in the park is another, very playful option for the lighting of the park, and a clear sign of the arriving aircraft passengers.

  • Airport_Zuerich1
  • Airport_Zuerich2
  • Airport_Zuerich3
  • Airport_Zuerich5
  • Airport_Zuerich6
  • Airport_Zuerich_Haupt

  • Luftbild
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