Architecture and building with Mann and Schott Architects

Since the foundation, Mann and Schott architects have planned and developed a lot of diverse projects -  in the right-hand side menu, you can get an overview of the projects.
At the category “apartment buildings“, you can find some examples of residential buildings of diffrent dimensions – the compact gap closure for a multi-generational house or a representative residential area with partly integrated commercial units on the ground floor.

By the implementing of the builders wishes we also paid attantion to functionality of the internal spatial structure as well as in the manufacture of sightlines from the inside to the outside, which makes the surrounding environment and nature not only visible but also visually pull into the interior.

In the field of „public buildings“ such as Hotels, in the field of „urban planning“ and the planning of „public space“, the office Mann & Schott participated in a variety of contests and public plannings. Again, you can find appropriate examples in each category of the lateral menu.
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