Feasibility study St. Moritz MAURITIUS BAD

Feasibility Study for a sports and leisure center in St. Moritz MAURITIUS BAD  02/2008


Content:          -urbanistic investigation

                     -Deepening and design construction

St. Moritz can look back on a centuries- old spa tradition that is almost unique and fell yet in recent decades in oblivion .

An ensemble of buildings from the Grand Hotel des Bains , the spa and the buildings of Mauritius Source surrounded yet turn of the century a very representative city park . This park was reshaped more and more , built over and is no longer recognizable today.

The considerations for new Mauritiusbad grab the idea and the spirit of the baroque garden on , let him resurrect , give it a new backdrop and hence the Mauritusquelle a completely new and appropriate appearance. The Mauritiusbad includes an indoor swimming pool, an ice rink, a skiscentre, a restaurant, an indoor - climbing obstacle course and an extensive wellness area.

The reception Building with the big lobby, the skiscentre and an restaurant with view on the park acts like the focus of the Kempinski hotel.

Behind them there is the indoor swimming pool and the ice stadium. The ensemble of buildings framing a spacious , very private courtyard , which is separated by a walkway from the park .

The wellness center with saunas, steam baths and a swimming tower directly adjoins the Paracelsus building and forms the structural completion of the plant .

The Mauritiusbad blends with its building heights and volume into the development context of the environment . For the reconstruction of the municipal park created along the main road , the Park building for Mauritiusbad .


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St.Moritz, Sport- und Kulturzentrum Mauritiusbad

  Feasibility Study for a sports and leisure center in St. Moritz MAURITIUS BAD  02/2008   Content:          -urbanistic investigation         ...

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