private house "Hollenhorst" at fockeberg - Leipzig

Private home at the Focke hill

At a former commercial area in Leipzig was built a residential building for a private builder.

The task was to work with the urban structures in the north and east, further to deal with the 1927 built Betlehem church with open space and the Au forest on the southern plot.

The architectural answere for this situation is a simple composition of cubic elements - in response to the ending heterogeneity of the city and contrasts with the naturalness of the forest. The orthogonality of the shape is also reflected in the open space design again . Organized lawns and planting fields form the opposition to the pristine nature of the Auforest.

The spatial response to the building task is 400 square meters of living space, about two and a half floors. The living room, kitchen and dining area are located on the ground floor. The development is based on the neighbors to reserve private lounges views of the Au forest. The south and west facades are opened by large sliding glass elements to enjoying the view over the forest.

The upper floors have a lot of room for sleeping quarters, bathroom and wellness areas. The garage has been built as a separate box to the eastern neighboring buildings, to ensuring complete privacy of the spacious terrace. In the protected side of the L-shaped building lays the swimming pool. Its water surface reflects the glass facade and emphasizes the horizontal orientation of the facade of the building.

The outer layer, made of laminate panels with metallic luster contrasts with the dark windows. The " black " frame emphasize each individual opening and support the orthogonal structure of the joints between the tiles, but not to confer a degree of visibility without massive construction.

The building is sustainably applied in principle: open to the south and west with large glass areas, closed to the north. That fits one hundred percent to the property on Fockenberg and also to the wishes of the client. A " dream " house as an adapter between nature and urban living.


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