Ice - architecture

Architektur aus Eis


On special occasions we create sculptures and buildings made of ice.

So, for the record on White Turf in St. Moritz in 2013 - an event the exclusive class for exciting horse racing, fine catering, attractive music and art performances, packed in a flooded sun, unique landscape.




Simulationstechniken/ Eisarchitektur

The seminars by Kai Uwe Schott and Tilo Mann as the representative of a vacant professorship in simulation techniques at the HTWK in architecture, these experimental buildings were built of ice in St. Moritz in the winter semester of 2012. Above all, it was possible to build a dome of ice, which reached a diameter of about 4 meters in a wall thickness of only a few centimeters. Add shortening to read more about this amazing theme on our website.


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