Offered Services from our architecture offices in Leipzig

We plan and produce residential buildings in various sizes - the classic house, the luxurious town house or the functional blocks of flats. More main emphasises are the planning of functional buildings, commercial buildings, public buildings in the urban context until to hotel buildings. We renovate many diffrent kinds of buildings, like build in the Basic Fundation or planning the new headquarters, the flagship store or the shop-in-shop system. Social and hospital buildings, kindergartens and school buildings are a part of our portfolio planning, too, as well as their structural implementation. Urban studies, space planning and landscape planning is forming the end of our offered services.

Our services bullet points summarized for you:

  • All architectural services in accordance with HOAI ( phases1-9)
  • General planning services
  • project Development

  • project management
  • Building / construction of all buildings

  • Hotel management planning new construction and renovation
  • Villas and Houses
  • urban
  • Renovation / restoration of existing buildings
  • interior Design

  • Exhibitions and presentations
  • Shops, stores, shop-in-shop systems
  • Lighting Design / Consulting
  • temporary buildings
  • Building of ice
  • Installations (artistic style) with fire, ice, water and light
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Interior design
  • Furniture design / Shop Fittings
  • Object and Industrial Design
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