Neubau eines Mehrfamilienhauses in der Fockestraße Leipzig

Urban Life at Auewald - Multi-family home Focke street

The Südvorstadt in Leipzig counts with the central location and the bustling mix of residential, restaurants, cafes and shops as one of the most popular residential areas of Leipzig. The lively "Karli" is the hearth of the Südvorstadt. It extends from downtown until after Connewitz. Around the street there are the typical Gründerzeit buildings up to the Au forest.

The border between green space and urban life are created in high-quality three- and four-room apartments of different sizes, planned by Mann & Schott architects. The apartments are in two buildings and they are sharing a common base. The future owners will get a high quality construction in modern architecture. The Floor plans of the apartment are classically and they are suitable for couples, singles and for small families - ideal for investors and owner-occupiers.

As a special quality is that all flats have a oversized balcony to the south and free views on the Au forest. In the basement is the underground parking and because of this the first living floor is most higher than usual. The attractiveness of the flats grows by the directly associated garden. The penthouses in the last floor has generous openings in the facade and they allowed a unique view of the Au forest. The combination of urban residential and proximity to the green area in the south of Leipzig makes this project to a great possibility for biking, walking and water sports facilities.


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