apartment house

"Former Naumann brewery" Architecture Competition of Leipzig


... Townhouses and villas in Leipzig Plagwitz ...high quality architecture for a former brewery complex

Concept / task

 The following objectives:

  • Insert in the local conditions
  • Adequate spatial version for public roads
  • Mediation between the adjacent building structures and usages
  • Minimization of existing and future conflicts between residential and commercial
  • Consideration of the possibility of development of more southerly regions commercial uses

With our concept of future residential use on the site of Naumann's brewery, the infrastructure and the development, taking account of the monument protection, the existing uses and the straddling target concepts is elaborated.

  • 160510_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_004
  • 160510_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_0043
  • 160510_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_0044
  • 160510_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_0045
  • 160510_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_0046
  • 160510_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_0047

  • 160510_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_0048
  • 160511_NaumannscheBrauerei_REExpos_Sudhaus
  • NAumannsche2
  • NAumannsche3
  • NAumannsche4
  • Naumannsche_Haupt

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