Mehrfamilienhaus Max Liebermann Straße in Leipzig

Residential building Max-Liebermann-Straße, Leipzig

In the  Max-Liebermann street at Gohlis, soon there will be a attractive residential building with 93 apartments. Ranging from smaller two-room apartments with 64 m² up to impressive penthouses with sizes up to 217 m².  The apartments have all bright and spacious living spaces, further each has a balcony or a terrace.

The lovingly design of the yard makes the building more attractive. The focus of the planing is in the quality and the individuality.

The building at the Max-Liebermann -Straße shall be a KfW Efficiency House 70. This means that the building due to the excellent thermal insulation measures only 70 % of the heat energy compared to a new building in the current standard requires . For the user , this is reflected in a reduced 30% of primary energy consumption and the resulting lower operating costs reflected.

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