An ice bar for the White Turf in St. Moritz

Ice bar White Turf St. Moritz


Ice bar White Turf St. Moritz

Designed by Mann & Schott Architects

The White Turf in St. Moritz - a major event at which not only champagne is on ice. The White Turf in St. Moritz is a unique meeting place year after year for the high society, owners, trainers and jockeys from all over the world as well as for the loyal local visitors.

This experience world affects every visitor. Be it the sponsors, which enable high-caliber racing with noble horses or the town of St. Moritz, the spa and tourism office and the Tourist Organization Engadin / St. Moritz, the White Turf, assure their support for decades.

Never Tired Voluntaries, silent workers and hardworking members in all departments that allow more than 35,000 fans visitors to cheer on the first three February Sundays loudly their favorite bets to enjoy a dignified tent World's Best catering and good Finally at the Prix d'honors to win fantastic prices such as stays in luxury hotels and resorts on remote islands.



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